BITCOIN Online Roulette

Bitcoin Online Roulette

If safe, and convenient payments are something that matter to you then look no further than Bitcoin as your next preferred payment method.

As a globally accepted form of virtual currency, bitcoin is gaining popularity among audiences looking for a safe, secure way to make online payments, fast.

So, whether you are looking to deposit your first satoshi (the smallest unit of bitcoin currency) or are trying to withdraw your first big win, playing online roulette with bitcoin may just be your best online casino experience to date.

With so many online casinos that accept bitcoin out there, choosing the right one to play at can be challenging. That is why, here at, we have gathered together a list of the best live roulette sites, including our top pick of Spin Palace, which are guaranteed to provide:

    Fast and easy deposits and withdrawals with bitcoin
    Stringent internet security and fraud protection measures
    The best bonuses to build your bankroll
    The lowest transaction fees

Online Roulette With Bitcoin

Bitcoin with Online Roulette

While other payment methods like Credit Cards and eWallets may be the most conventional, playing online roulette with bitcoin casino software is certainly growing in popularity thanks to bitcoin being one of the safest, most secure ways to spend money online while also being on of the banking methods with the lowest transaction fees.

“As a globally accepted form of virtual currency, bitcoin is gaining popularity among audiences looking for a safe, secure way to make online payments, fast."

Being a digital currency, bitcoin is widely accepted and easily converted to any currency with little effort on your part, making it the most convenient way to bank online and getting started is simple and fast. The benefits of banking using bitcoin include:

  •  Anonymity - bank secure in the knowledge that your private details are not being shared online
  •  Security - being regulated solely by other bitcoin users means that every transaction is done with the utmost care and using the best security measures to ensure the safety of the currency
  •  Low transaction fees - when banking with bitcoin, transaction fees are largely voluntary as you may choose to not pay any fees and wait a little longer for your transaction to go through or you may choose to pay a small fee for it to be processed quicker. The choice is yours with bitcoin

Banking With Bitcoin

Bitcoin Banking

Getting started using bitcoin takes some finesse, however, the benefits of setting up an account to use the virtual currency far outway the time taken to set up an account. If you are not familiar with the process here is a quick outline on how to get started with bitcoin:

  • Choose your bitcoin platform - mobile, web, and hardware are just three of the types of wallets to choose from but all require you to download special software in order to perform transactions
  • Setup a Bitcoin Wallet - once you have chosen your platform you will need to store your virtual currency and storing it can be done in a number of ways though some technical savvy is required in order to set it all up. The most popular method for online gamblers using bitcoin for transactions is to set up a convenient and user-friendly Web Wallet through services such as
  • Create a public Bitcoin Address - use the wallet you created to create a public address that will act as your own virtual signature when banking with bitcoin
  • Activate your Bitcoin wallet - Send a small amount of bitcoin (a satoshi being the smallest unit of currency) to this address in order to activate the account and ensure it is working as expected
  • Purchase Bitcoin - this can be done in a number of ways including through a Bitcoin exchange, mining, or at a Bitcoin ATM (it should be noted that you should never transfer bitcoins straight from an exchange into an online casino wallet, rather transfer to your private wallet first)
  • Use your Bitcoin - the best online casinos accept Bitcoin as a banking method so be sure to take a browse through our selection of the best bitcoin casino reviews to choose your next online casino.

Depositing and Withdrawing with Bitcoin

Depositing and withdrawing with Bitcoin

Once you have signed up with an online casino using bitcoin there are a few things you will need to do in order to perform your first transaction. Here is a quick rundown on how to deposit using bitcoin at an online casino that accepts bitcoin.

When you sign up to an online casino that accepts bitcoin, most reputable sites will automatically create a temporary bitcoin wallet for you when you sign up and choose your banking method. This wallet will be used for all your transactions with the bitcoin roulette live site including deposits and withdrawals of your winnings.

Initiate your first deposit on the online casino of your choice and you should be given a unique long text line which you will need to input in your own wallet. Once inputted, choose the amount to deposit and confirm. Your transaction should now be processed within in few minutes and you will be ready to make your first bet.

If you thought depositing using bitcoins was simple, how to withdraw using bitcoin is even easier. Withdrawing your winnings is simple and fast and we will even cover how to convert bitcoin into your local currency in our breakdown:

  • Determine how much of your winnings you want to withdraw
  • Determine which wallet you want your winnings to go into
  • Using either a long text code or QR code, enter the public address of your wallet in your withdrawal transaction
  • Confirm your amounts and details to process the transaction
  • Should you want to convert these bitcoins to cash you may either sell them to a bitcoin buyer or you can sell them through a Bitcoin exchange such as Coinbase or Bitstamp (which may take a few days) which will allow you to choose the currency you receive payment in

Bitcoin Bonuses

Bitcoin Bonuses

The best online casinos that offer bitcoin live roulette offer the best bonuses for banking with bitcoin. Bitcoin bonuses give players free satoshi for a number of reasons though the most common are simply for choosing to bank with bitcoin. There are also Bitcoin roulette sites with faucets that reward players just for playing online roulette with bitcoin.

The roulette bitcoin games that we recommend all offer the best bitcoin roulette rewards so you can be assured that, when choosing from our list of online casinos that accept bitcoin you are getting the very best bonuses just for banking with bitcoin. On top of bitcoin roulette bonuses, our list of recommended sites also play host to the best bitcoin casino with a no deposit bonuses which means you get free satoshi even before you make your first deposit. With all these benefits, why would you bank with any other payment method?


Can I use Bitcoin at online casinos? 

Yes! The best online casinos accept multiple forms of payment options for depositing and withdrawing funds with bitcoin growing in popularity every day.

Is banking with Bitcoin safe? 

Banking with bitcoin is one of the safest methods of banking at an online casino as you will never need to input any of your personal details in any other place other than your bitcoin wallet.

Are bitcoin transactions fast? 

The beauty of using bitcoin for your banking is that you can decide how fast your transaction is. By choosing to pay a small fee on your transaction, you can speed up the time taken for it to go through with most transactions done this way being almost instant.

Are there any additional fees for using bitcoin? 

No, in fact, if you choose not to pay any additional fees, you don’t have to! The only time you need to pay a fee when using bitcoin is if you are in a rush and need a transaction done instantly.

How does it compare to other payment methods? 

Banking with bitcoin is more secure than other methods, is becoming more and more acceptable as an online payment feature, and allows players to play in whatever currency they prefer without the need for additional currency conversion fees and hassles with banks.