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Online roulette offers plenty of convenience to the Internet gambler: it's fast, you can play anytime in the comfort of your own home, and there's no dress code! But what if you're in the mood for a little brick n' mortar casino action but live too far from your nearest gaming establishment? That's where Live Dealer roulette comes in. Online roulette Live Dealer games play at the same online casino as your usual roulette and blackjack games, but instead of a computer spinning the wheel, a real-life croupier spinning a real wheel is controlling the action. How cool is that?!

We happen to believe that the live dealer action at Intercasino is second to none, but there are a few other sites that do it well. Check out the full list of recommended sites for live dealer online roulette.

At we hunt down the very best online roulette Live Dealer games:

    Plenty of games so you aren't waiting for a spot
    Friendly dealers and fast action
    The biggest sites with the best real money bonuses
    A live casino feeling in the comfort of your own home

Live Roulette Online: The Future of Internet Casino

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So, how does online Live Dealer roulette work? Here's the science bit.

When you open a Live Dealer roulette table online, you will be taken to a screen featuring a virtual roulette table layout - as in regular Internet roulette - and above it you will see a webcam stream featuring a human online roulette live dealer.

Often, the dealer will be standing in a real brick 'n' mortar casino somewhere for added authenticity, with all the exciting sounds of the games behind her.

You place your bets on the roulette table by clicking on the numbers you want to bet on in the usual way, then the roulette online live dealer will call 'no more bets' and spins the wheel.

Cameras are trained on the wheel so you can watch your numbers come in in real time. After the live roulette online dealer has placed a marker on the winning number, the computer will pay out winnings accordingly.

Chat to a Roulette Online Live Dealer

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For a real casino feel Live Dealer Roulette is hard to beat. The croupiers are friendly, professional and quick (if you are playing at one of our recommended rooms) and you can even chat to them via the chatbox on your screen.

Thank the dealer, compliment them on their skills, even promise them a tip out of your winnings; dealers are able to chat with players and handle all the action with ease.

Injecting a human element into an Internet roulette game is the next best thing to visiting your local casino.

It's worth pointing out, though, that the action is sent to you via live stream on a webcam, so make sure your PC or Mac can handle the software, and your Internet connection the stream. There's nothing worse than the feed going down just as your lucky number 32 is about to come up.

Games You Can Trust

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Are your favorite on-line betting casinos independently audited for fairness? Do they carry the right certificates to say their roulette RNGs are tested regularly?

If not, you can't always be sure that the virtual wheels are fair and the random numbers truly random.

With online roulette Live Dealer action, there are none of those concerns. Because the croupier is human, and the wheel and ball real, you know that your money isn't at the mercy of a computer's security. And if you love the agonizing randomness of a real ball falling into and out of, then into again, your winning slot, you'll love online Live Dealer roulette.

The Best Online Roulette Live Dealer Sites

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Playing a live casino game on your computer is hot right now. There are more games than ever in 2023, with a bigger choice of games and dealers to choose from.

The action may be a little slower than your usual roulette online games, but that's a small price to pay for brick 'n' mortar authenticity.

Our experts compare and review a heap of online roulette Live Dealer rooms regularly and we list only the very best ones right here.

Finding a top gaming site offering roulette online Live Dealer action has never been easier. So pick one of our recommended sites today and earn yourself a great welcome bonus when you join. And don't forget to thank the online roulette live dealer when your number comes up!


How does live dealer roulette work? 

To play live dealer roulette sign up for an account at a casino that offers these types of games, deposit money to your account, and click on the live dealer section in the casino lobby to find roulette games.

How is it different? 

The basic rules of roulette gameplay are the same when playing live dealer roulette, with the main difference being that you can see the game being streamed live from a real roulette wheel in a casino lobby managed by a live dealer on your device. You can interact with the dealer via chat and the controls on the screen and they’ll carry out your instructions like in a real casino.

What variations can be played? 

You can play all roulette variations with a live dealer, including American, European, and French-style roulette.

Can I play on different devices? 

Yes, you can play at a live casino on your desktop computer or on a mobile device if it is powerful enough to support live streaming and there’s a strong internet connection available.

Is it time restricted? 

No, you can play as long as you can afford to wager money at a live casino.

Is it rigged? 

No, live dealer games have to abide by the same strict fairness code and checks true randomness that other online games have to.

How much data does it use? 

Streaming live dealer games can take up a lot of data even if the games themselves may not last long. It is important that you have a strong internet connection and wireless signal, and make sure to connect to Wi-Fi on mobile devices to avoid depleting your data plans and rack up hefty usage charges.