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Travel to any land-based casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City and you'll find rows and rows of roulette tables, from the friendly dollar stakes to the high roller games where you can wager thousands on a single spin.

In 2024, you don't have to put on a tuxedo and hop on a plane to some swanky gaming resort - you can enjoy real-money American Roulette games on your PC or tablet. For the best action in American roulette, our reviewers like to spend their time at Intercasino.

Before you go leaping in to a game, however, have a read of our top guide to American Roulette. It's worth knowing the differences between American and European Roulette before you make a deposit. Once you appreciate the subtle nuances of the two roulette games you can come away smarter and richer.

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How To Play On An American Roulette Wheel

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Playing real-money American Roulette games online is easy: just click on your chips, move them to the areas of the layout you want to bet on, then click the 'Spin' button.

If you're used to European Roulette you will notice a difference with American Roulette online. The American Roulette wheel features an additional double zero (00) spot as well as the 36 numbers and a zero.

Now, while that makes it interesting for bettors - giving them another spot on the wheel to aim for - it also increases the house edge for the casino (from around 2.7% in the European, single zero, game, to 5.26%). Good American Roulette strategy is to avoid the game altogether or bet smartly.

American Roulette Online Tips

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With an unfavorable house edge in American Roulette online games, it's good to bet sensibly.

The most important thing is to avoid the 0 and 00. Just don't go there.

In fact, try avoiding the single numbers at all. Yes, it may be 35/1 to hit one of the numbers but the true odds are much higher, so you can see just how much of a bad bet they are.

As with other forms of roulette sticking to the outside bets is best for real-money American Roulette games in the long-term. Odds/Even or Red/Black pay out even-money (1/1), so make sure your big bets are on the even-money spots.

Then, you can mix things up with a smaller American Roulette strategy bet on the columns (paying 2/1) but always make sure your bets are a sensible percentage of your overall bankroll. This way you won't go broke.

Top American Roulette Online Systems

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There's no doubt the house has a better (read: more unfair) edge when using an American Roulette wheel.

But that's possibly a good reason to employ some kind of strategy, be it a system or at least some sensible bankroll management.

Roulette systems have been around for years and years, and generally they have been dismissed as unworkable in the long-term. However, they can be good fun to try out - especially if you're playing for play money.

The Martingale System works by you doubling your bet after every losing bet. Once you win you revert to your original stake. While this can be good in the short-term - if you win often, that is - a bad streak can lead to some pretty eye-watering losses. And anyway, after a certain amount of losses the casino would probably stop you playing anyway.

The Martingale is a good system for playing over a long time and having unlimited budgets. Unfortunately, neither applies to most players.

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If you've been drawn in by the double zero, you'll find great real money US roulette games at online casinos today.

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How does American roulette work? 

To play American roulette you must bet on the outcome of a wheel spin. The wheel has 38 numbers, including two zeroes, and your job is to guess the number the ball will land after a spin. Other bet types include guessing the colour of the pocket, whether the number is odd or even, and more complex wagers based on columns and sections.

How popular is it? 

American roulette is very popular, however due to the unfavourable house edge players tend to prefer playing European or French-style roulette whenever they find on at a casino.

Where can I play online? 

You can play free and real money American roulette on almost any online casino. Just sign up for a free account, make a deposit and head to the casino lobby where you can check out all the roulette variants.

How does it compare with European Roulette? 

American roulette offers less favourable odds, therefore a higher house edge, than European roulette since it has two zeroes on the wheel.

How do the odds compare? 

The chances of correctly predicting that the ball will land on a single number on American roulette are lower than those on a European-style roulette. The straight-up odds for an American wheel are 37/1, while for a European one they are 36/1.

Can I use an existing betting strategy? 

Yes, the Martingale System for example can be used with any type of roulette wheel

Will a roulette system work? 

Not necessary. Roulette systems generally start yielding some effects over a long period time, which presumes a very big budget, however there’s no certainty that you’ll ultimately turn a profit.