If you're looking to try your hand at spinning the wheel but don't know where to start, free online roulette games are your answer. Below, you can try out all variants of the game, with no download needed. Free roulette online lets you try out systems and get a feel for the games without having to deposit any money. Once you've played roulette just for fun, you can visit out one of the best real money casinos like Intercasino.

Try out great free games in 2023:

    Test out free online roulette games without risking a dime
    Play roulette free and try out a betting system
    Compare roulette software and usability
    Gain experience and confidence before trying real money online roulette games


The Same Great Roulette Online - For Free!

Free roulette laptop

There are so many Internet roulette rooms out there in 2023, it's hard to know where to begin. Each one has its own different games, its own wacky variations, and often its own software. Some do free online American roulette better than others. And some really shine at European roulette.

Wouldn't it be great to test out that brand new website before hitting the 'Cashier' button?

That's why a free online roulette machine is so good. You can try out the website's free roulette games before 'buying' - is it easy to use? Are the 'Bet' buttons well-positioned? Does the site have the proper security measures in place to ensure fair play?

When you play free online roulette for fun, you can assess these criteria without losing a dollar.

No Bankroll? No Problem

Not everyone jumps onto an online roulette site with a ton of cash. In fact, you may not have any at all.

But that's no obstacle when playing roulette online for free; it's like playing your favorite computer game. You can even play with no limit with pretend money.

And here's another reason free roulette online is great: if you live in a jurisdiction that explicitly bans Internet gaming, your only choice for a fun casino night at home may be to play no deposit roulette.

Test Out A Strategy

Free roulette strategy

As with most gambling games on the net, there are various strategies you can employ to get the most of out of your betting.

Roulette is no different, and there are many established systems to try out at the tables.

Here's the rub: systems can be expensive if played with real cash, and often need a long-term commitment.

That's why trying out a system like the Martingale - which needs lots of play to prove it is worth it - is good with free roulette games. When you play free online roulette for fun, there's no risk so you can take pretty much any betting system for a spin without worrying about anything. Then, once you've chosen a system, hit the 'Deposit' button and try it out for real. The best thing about the no-cost sites is that even if you've made the move to playing with real cash, you can still play free online roulette, no limit.

Try out Different Free Roulette Variations

Free roulette mobile

What's so great about free roulette online in 2023 is that you aren't restricted to the boring American or European versions.

The classics are fine, of course, but with the power of a big casino on the web - and the imagination of a software designer - you can get access to lots of no deposit roulette Internet exclusives that you won't find in a land-based casino.

Games like Multi-Ball Roulette and Multi-Table Roulette can ONLY be played on-line, but how do you know if they're worth the expense?

That's why trying great new variants out at the free online roulette tables first is so valuable: have a go for play money and if you like it - and see a potential for big profits - head to the Cashier and put some cold, hard cash in your account.


We Have the Best No Deposit Roulette Casinos

Nothing can beat the thrill of real-money play, but that doesn't mean online roulette free games can't be enjoyable too. We've had just as much fun playing just for fun as we've had at a live casino.

We scour the net to find the best sites that offer roulette with no deposit. We compare dozens of free roulette games to see if the software and graphics cut the mustard.

And once you've got in plenty of free roulette online, it'll be time to open your first real money account. We have a bunch of great real cash roulette sites in our reviews pages - all with the best welcome bonuses - so you won't be lost for a game. All of them offer free online American roulette and the European flavor, so feel free to switch between the two and play for free as long as you want.

FAQs About Free Online Roulette

How does the free experience compare? 

Free roulette online is the first way new players start familiarising themselves with the world of casino players and explore new casinos before they sign up for a real money account. Playing roulette for free is fun, but obviously it lacks the thrills of wagering real money and the rewarding experience of winning it!

Are most games available for free? 

With a few exceptions like live casino games, most titles are available for free play.

Are free games easier to win?

No, there’s no difference between free and real money games in terms of your chances of winning.

What devices can I play on? 

You can play free roulette games online on your PC or Mac, and any mobile device such as Android, Apple, and Windows smartphones and tablets.

How do I choose a free roulette casino? 

Just like you would choose real money casino. Read and compare reviews written by other players and visit the sites for yourself to check out what they offer and if they’re worth your time.