Uncovering the Mystery behind Roulette Numbers


Ever wonder how many numbers there are on a roulette wheel? Interestingly, it all depends on the specific version of roulette. Online roulette numbers total 38 on the American wheel and 37 on the European version.

Why the difference? The American version of roulette adds a double zero, increasing the casino's house edge to a hefty 5.26%. However, European version doesn't feature the 00, which reduces the house edge to a more reasonable 2.7%.

Whether you prefer playing American, European, or French roulette, among the most frequently asked questions, particularly by new roulette players, is how best to choose the appropriate bets, and what number does roulette go up to in these popular roulette versions.

While it is true that the roulette wheel (at least in theory) should be able to deliver any number on every spin of the wheel, many experienced roulette players believe some numbers are stronger than others.

Let’s take a look at some key roulette facts and figures to see whether this is true or not.

Myth Busting Roulette Numbers


Like many games of chance found at a casino, roulette comes with its own set of superstitions and myths. Regardless of how many numbers on a roulette wheel, many gamblers like to know which numbers are ‘hot roulette’ numbers and which are ‘cold roulette’ numbers. In addition, many like to know whether odd or even and black or red is on a roll.

At the leading online casinos we recommend in 2023, nearly all of that information is clearly displayed on a tote board, which basically runs a tally of the last 10 to 14 winning numbers. The tote also presents the four "hot" and "cold" numbers and is an easy reference guide for the latest percentages of whether red or black, odd or even, won. The tote is much more in-depth at online casinos compared to land-based casinos, as the dealer simply cannot track percentages as sophisticated software can.

Crunching the Numbers

So, which number is most commonly bet on? It's tough to say, as there are thousands of roulette bets placed each minute around the world, and that data is quite impossible to track. That being said, it's well-known amongst experienced gamblers that certain numbers are indeed lucky.

Popular Roulette Numbers

OnlineRoulette.com  Popular Roulette Numbers

17: Sitting right in the middle of the betting table, 17 is a favourite among players who believe the ball will land in the sweet spot.

23-24: When glancing over the table, it is said that the eye is naturally drawn to these two numbers.

7: For obvious reasons, the lucky number 7 is a fan-favourite among gamblers.

The next time you play live dealer online roulette, it would be a good idea to take note of how others are betting. It can be rather easy to spot an experienced roulette player based on whether they opt to play on the four numbers as above.

Roulette Numbers to Avoid

OnlineRoulette.com Numbers to Avoid

While the most common numbers played in roulette are up for debate, everyone has their special numbers or strategy. These can be based on birthdays or anniversaries or any other special dates or occurrences. However, while there are common or special numbers, there's no denying unpopular betting numbers also exist.

Let's take a look at some unpopular choices below:

13: The unlucky number 13 is the least-played betting area on the entire roulette board. This number has been associated with bad luck for centuries and in many casino games besides roulette.

0: Zero isn't at the top of the list when it comes to roulette. Players tend to avoid the number based on the frequency of hits perhaps. Apart from this, its location on the table almost seems detached from the other numbers, which may deter players to bet on it.

6: Perhaps it's the 666 devil predisposition, that makes the number 6 an unpopular choice in roulette.

34: Number 34 is deemed unlucky by experienced roulette players. This may be due to the placement of the number on all three versions of roulette as it sits at the very end.

At the end of the day, when the ball finds a home on the roulette wheel, there's no scientific or accepted theory for success. Any number can prove to be lucky for you or the opposite may be true. The odds of any number being selected after a roulette spin are the same across the board.

What’s the Deal with Number Predictors & Generators?

While gambling online or searching for a good online casino to play at, you may have come across one or both of these terms – a number predictor, and a random number generator. While both of these terms relate to betting and numbers, they work in entirely different ways. Let’s take a closer look at what these differences are.

Firstly, a number predictor is essentially a piece of computer software that is used by online gambling sites to ‘predict’ what the next number might be. Number predictor software is popular in lottery games as well as certain casino games such as roulette. However, most experts agree that these programs are in fact bogus and are often described as ‘rogue’ software programs and that their actual ability to ‘predict’ the right numbers accurately is questionable.

On the other hand, a roulette number generator, used in any legitimate virtual roulette game, is actually classified as a random number generator, known simply as an RNG. This software is based on highly sophisticated mathematical algorithms and ensures that every single outcome of a roulette wheel spin, is indeed 100% random and fair. The best online casinos always ensure that their roulette random number generator software is regularly and independently audited, to ensure transparency and fair gaming at all times.

RNG – How Does It Generate Numbers?

So knowing that online roulette games contain an RNG is great, but how does it generate numbers every time? Every RNG number generator makes use of very complex and sophisticated software that includes massive mathematical algorithms that ensure that every time a different number is generated, with millions of possible outcomes at each instance.