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Euro Gold Roulette

Roulette wheels have been spinning in casinos and games rooms for almost two centuries now. Since its origins in 18th century France, roulette—the little wheel—has spread far and wide to become a big part of casinos in the US, UK, Australia and worldwide.

As if conquering the world wasn’t enough, roulette also spun into cyberspace, quickly becoming on of the most popular apps played at online casinos. Its simple rules, elevated reward potential, and the rush of adrenaline that the player experiences each time the ball commences its frantic circuit around the 37 or 38 numbered pockets, have all contributed to this success.

You can play many online roulette variants, including French, American and European style wheel. In this page, we turn our spotlight on European Roulette online, a European style wheel with some extras by developer Microgaming that recreates the authentic feel of old-fashioned roulette for all internet-connected desktop and mobile devices, like your smart phone. If you want a quick pick for the best site for this game, our team loves the action at Intercasino. Head over to the casino to start playing, or read on to learn more.

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What makes online European Roulette different

Euro Gold Roulette

European Roulette Gold is part of the Gold collection of table games developed by Microgaming, a premium range of popular casino apps which includes online roulette, baccarat and blackjack.

Every game in the Gold series has been lovingly created to convey the most realistic representation of the real thing. When loading up European Roulette online, for example, you’re going to be struck by the sheer attention to detail and elegance of the user interface. It’s Montecarlo on your smart phone!

But it’s not just charming looks that’ll win you over. Online European Roulette will excite roulette players with its unique selection of betting options and extensive customization controls, including game speed, graphics and audio settings. You never miss a beat thanks to the rebetting feature that lets you instantly replay your last bet at the table with a single click or tap on your smart phone.

European Roulette online lets players make straight bets up to $15 in value, split bets up to a maximum of $20, square bets up to $30, and dozen bets not larger than $70.

Instructions on playing European Roulette Gold

Euro Gold Roulette

Like roulette apps in general, European Roulette online is very easy to play. All you need to do is sign up for a free casino account to access their games lobby and start playing online European Roulette for a chance at winning real money prizes. Most casinos will let you play online European Roulette for free through demo play, however you can wager real cash on your picks when you deposit real money to your account. Your first deposit will entitle you claim a welcome bonus which gives you even more cash to play online roulette with!

Online European Roulette works on any platform and mobile device by logging onto your web browser. Play the game by setting your bet amount, making your picks by clicking on the numbers on screen, and then spinning the wheel. You can play straight bets or wager on multiple outcomes on the table to make combinations and implement online roulette strategies. Apart from the handy rebet option that saves you time by replaying the exact same bet over and over, you can place neighbor bets that automatically selects your number and the two numbers adjacent to it on the wheel.

Strategies to win at European Roulette Gold online

Euro Gold Roulette

There are tons of resources online that teach you secret roulette online strategies devised by gurus who claim you’ll make a lot of real money by using them. Unfortunately, that’s almost never the case.

European Roulette online, like any online roulette app, is powered by a random number generator which ensures true randomness with every spin and gives each player a fair chance of receiving a payout. This means that a lot of strategies simply don’t work.

However, if your bankroll is sufficiently large, and you’re a patient (and lucky!) player, you can use strategies like the Martingale Strategy, D’Alembert Strategy and others that tend to increase your chances of turning a real cash reward, but only in the long run.

Online European Roulette lets you implement all these strategies and new ones that you create thanks to its flexible betting options, and it’s so entertaining that you won’t mind at all playing game after game until you start reaping the fruits of your strategy.

Why do players enjoy Microgaming's European Roulette Gold?

Euro Gold Roulette

European Roulette online is enjoyed by experienced and casual roulette players alike, who play for real cash prizes and to simply have a good time online. The game is intuitive and player-friendly, brimming with features that make this wheel incredibly realistic and capable of being adapted to different playing styles without compromising on the quality of the gameplay.

Play European Roulette Gold online now

Euro Gold Roulette

Online European Roulette can be found in the lobbies of top casinos online. Our team of reviewers have listed their top recommendations on this page, which features player-tested websites that carry European Roulette online and have been proven to offer great deals to new players, including generous welcome bonuses and other special offers. Sign up today to start playing roulette online and winning real money on your computer and mobile!


How does European Roulette Gold work? 

Like other titles in the Gold Series of casino games by Microgaming, European Roulette Gold is packed with exclusive features for players but it�s just as easy to play as any other roulette game in the lobby. To play European Roulette Gold, click on the game in the lobby, wait for it to load and you�ll be presented with the table, which features the wheel and the betting grid. To make stake your bet, simply click on the correct chip value on the table and then click on the appropriate area of the grid as many times as needed to place the amount you wish to wager. You can make straight bets on single numbers or play combination bets with several numbers. Click on the SPIN button to start the game and wait for the wheel to stop spinning to find out if your bet is a winner!

How popular is it? 

European Roulette Gold is one of the most popular online roulette titles. Many players choose this roulette game because of its fluid and intuitive gameplay, high-quality graphics, realistic animations and sound effects, and the ability of setting up complex betting strategies that involve inside and outside bets.

Where can I play online? 

You can play European Roulette Gold at almost every casino that has Microgaming titles in its lobby. To save you the trouble of hunting for them yourself, we�ve gathered a list of the best casino sites that offer European Roulette Gold and similar roulette games right on this page. Every site featured here has been tested by our reviews, who pre-checked the site for game variety, bonus attractiveness, support quality, banking options and other criteria which are important to have fun and stay safe while playing roulette online.

What are the main differences with other variations?  

The main difference between other roulette variations is that as a European-style wheel, European Roulette Gold has one zero on the wheel like a French wheel, however it does use French jargon on the table or use the La Partage rule. European Roulette Gold also comes with an Expert mode that lets you save betting layouts and select some unusual bet types.

How do the odds compare? 

The odds compare well with other roulette wheels, and are definitely better than any American roulette game since European Roulette Gold has only a single zero on the wheel.

Can I use an existing betting strategy? 

Yes, European Roulette Gold lets you use any betting strategy you use thanks to its flexible gameplay which makes it possible to wager complex betting layouts and even save them for future use.

Will a roulette system work? 

Not necessarily. Roulette is a luck-based game where the outcome of each spin is entirely up to chance. Most roulette systems advertised online have not been proven to significantly increase your chances of winning, however certain systems of playing can help improve the chances of turning a profit if you stick with them for the long-term.