No zero roulette

Everyone knows that a casino's edge comes from the zero or double-zero spots on the roulette wheel.

The classic single zero game may offer better odds to the gambler, but the casino maintains an edge all the same; all roulette players will lose given enough time.

The lack of a double-zero space is why European Roulette wheels are far superior to American ones: having one space fewer means the house edge is significantly lower, and statistically speaking, you should win more often on European Roulette wheels.

Our current favorite site for playing no zero roulette is Intercasino. That said, there are other sites that offer this game, and we have listed a few that you might want to visit.

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How Online Roulette No Zero Games Work

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For wagers on single numbers, American Roulette wheels offer a 38-1 chance of winning. European Roulette wheels give you a 37-1 chance thanks to the lack of the double-zero spot.

Since the game's actual payout for individual number bets is 35-1, we can quickly calculate the house edge at 5.26% and 2.63% for the American and European games respectively.

Playing roulette with no zero or double-zero slot drops the house advantage to 0.0%. The result is that you can expect what experienced gamblers call 'straight' or 'true' odds.

Math tells us that playing no zero roulette indefinitely would result in you breaking even. The appeal of the online roulette no zero wheel is hitting that elusive winning streak, which (combined with a 0% house edge) could really put cash in your bankroll.

It's worth saying that not many Internet casinos offer roulette with no zero in 2023, and at time of writing, no land-based casinos offer the game either.

Why Don't More Casinos Offer No Zero Roulette?

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If you place a wager on red, you can expect an even payout should the wheel produce a red number. Since the odds of the ball landing on red are a little less than average, over the long run the house edge means (mathematically speaking) that roulette players will always lose out.

But in roulette with no zero, the math shifts a little. No zero spaces means any bets on red have a 50% chance of winning. That means given infinite time and money, you will break even playing on an online roulette no zero wheel.

That's why more casinos don't host no zero games; they're simply not as profitable. Casinos that do have zero-free roulette tend to place extreme limits on your maximum bet size in order to protect their interests.

The Risk of Ruin in No Zero Online Roulette

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Another reason zero free roulette doesn't scare some casinos is a concept called "the risk of ruin".

Let's pretend two people are flipping a coin and are betting on the outcome: 50/50 odds, just like with no zero online roulette wheels.

Every time the coin comes up heads, one player pays the other $1, while every time the coin comes up tails the other player gets paid $1 by the loser. Assuming the game is being played with a real coin and not a loaded or trick coin, neither of them will have an edge over the other, unless one has more money than the other. If player 1 has $10,000 in his pocket and player 2 has only $10, player 2 will be out of money long before player 1, and player 1 will have made money on the proposition.

American Roulette and European Roulette wheels are negative expectation games. Wheels without a zero aren't negative expectation games, but thanks to limited bet sizes and the 'risk of ruin' concept, it isn't possible to drain a casino of all its cash, thanks mostly to your limited wallet.


How does No Zero roulette work? 

No Zero roulette delivers what it promises, a roulette wheel with no zeros on it. This drops the house edge to 0% and offers players true odds on all of the possible outcomes. Other than this change, No Zero roulette is played exactly like most roulette variants.

How popular is it? 

No Zero roulette is obviously well-liked by players, but there aren’t many online casinos that offer it yet.

Where can I play online? 

You can quickly search for a complete list and reviews of online roulette sites that offer No Zero roulette to find the best place for you to try this variant out.

What are the main differences with other variations? 

The main difference with other variants is that No Zero doesn’t feature any zeros on its wheel, only the numbers 1 through 36.

How do the odds compare? 

The odds of guessing correctly the outcome on No Zero Roulette is 36/1, which compares favourably with 37/1 for European roulette and 38/1 for American roulette.

Can I use an existing betting strategy? 

Yes, you can use an existing betting strategy on No Zero roulette.

Will a roulette system work? 

Many roulette systems have been shown not to work as well as players thought they have, if at all. If you play at No Zero roulette for long enough you will break even however since there isn’t a house edge but you need to have enough money and patience to keep playing one game after the other.