The Devil's Wheel

Legend has it Blaise Pascal, the 17th century child prodigy who would later devise "Pascal's Law," also designed the earliest form of roulette. Many believe he made a deal with the devil in order to be inspired to create the gambling game.

According to believers, the mathematician negotiated with the demon, and skeptics need not look far for physical evidence that this is not entirely a fallacy: if you add up all the numbers on the roulette wheel, numbers 1-36, the sum is 666. Many believe 666 to be the number of the beast, and it's up to you to decide whether this is a simple coincidence or physical evidence roulette has a devilish friend.

All Humans Are Gamblers

Pascal's interest in religious betting isn't limited to roulette. "Pascal's Wager" is a philosophy that says all humans are inherently gamblers because we wager our lives by believing god exists or doesn't.

Pascal believed all persons must make this gamble, and it's obviously the most substantial bet any of us should ever place. Whether to live life according to the existence of a god and afterlife, or to life for the now, ultimately being interested primarily in this world's offerings. Pascal's Christian philosophies continue to be studied to this day, and of course, so has the game of roulette along with its devil's wheel.

Online Roulette Reviews

Reviewing online roulette casinos in 2024 is our specialty, but we won't lie: it's a devil of a job. With more gamblers than ever before taking their betting to the Internet, iGambling sites are continuing to pop up in record numbers, but not all play by the same rules, especially when it comes to roulette. When choosing the right online roulette casino for you, we recommend playing French or European roulette wheels, as the house edge is lower than the American version.

Temptation Continues

The luck of the devil tends to evade us mere mortals, but that doesn't stop many from trying to grab a slither of it while at the roulette wheel. From the game's earliest days with Pascal to its reworking by Louis Blanc, which gave us the modern format, gamblers have been obsessed with testing their luck with the spinning wheel.

Depending on one's beliefs, temptation is at the heart of the devil's campaign. And what game in the casino could be more tempting than roulette? With just a small single wager, the player has the potential to be awarded 35 times his or her bet.

When it comes to online roulette, "tempting fate" might seem like a stretch as most gamblers play for entertainment, but in reality the game truly can change lives, of course for better and worse. That's basically what Pascal's theory of life in regards to wagering all boils down to. Deciding on where to place your chips has paramount repercussions. For most gamblers, that also holds true for roulette. The game must go on, as temptation of the devil's wheel will continue to seduce humankind for as long as it should exist.