Online Roulette Vs. Keno

Roulette vs. keno, two classic games of chance that have storied histories in the world of gambling, is finally ready to be resolved.

Armed today in 2024 with statistics and data, our experts have the proof to declare an undisputed winner.


The lottery game of keno originated in China thousands of years ago, and in fact the game is thought to have helped raise funds for the building of the Great Wall. Keno is a simple game of luck similar to other modern lottery formats, with the player deciding how much to wager, picking numbers, and then waiting for the winning numbers to be revealed. At a casino online, this process is of course done electronically, with the results being immediately calculated.

A player chooses up to 15 numbers. Keno randomly chooses 20 balls, or numbers, out of the possible 80. If the ball is drawn for the player's selected number, it's called a "catch."

In honest and fair play keno online, each number has the exact same chances of being pulled. The house edge for keno, like most lottery games, is very high. The best probability of receiving a payout is betting only just one, as the one catch on one bet comes with a probability of 0.25, the highest return in keno.


Roulette has less numbers at just 37 or 38 depending on whether you're playing European or American, but features many more betting options due to splits, corners, streets, odds, evens, and combinations.

Roulette is also a historic gambling game, although not nearly as old as keno. The current format of online roulette dates back to the late 18th century in France, and it immediately became a hit in the capital city of Paris. Today, roulette is understandably popular with online gamblers around the world. It is a rather simple game with straightforward betting options.

Roulette vs. Keno

So which game is better for your online gambling? Without question, it's roulette according to the industry's leading gambling experts. If winning is what you're after (and who gambles without that goal?), then roulette is the better game for you.

House Edge

Roulette: American wheel with the double zero features a house edge in the casino's favor at a rate of 5.26 percent for all bets, except the first five option that checks in at 7.89 percent. European roulette features a house edge of just 2.7 percent across all bets.

Keno: the house edge is an astonishing 20 to 35 percent depending on your total bet and numbers chosen. At those rates, it's some of the worst gambling odds in the entire casino. Players also can't reduce the house edge through strategic betting, as is the case with other table games. It makes no difference no matter which numbers you select.

The roulette vs. keno debate has long been settled. Any experienced gambler recognizes that roulette is unquestionably the better choice. Though keno remains attractive and popular among those looking for mindless gambling, it is an almost guaranteed way to lose money over the long run.

Roulette's odds are much lower, and while the game is indeed one of chance, the abundance of betting options makes it a much more appealing game for avid online gamblers.