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In Dubai, finding a good real money online casino can be difficult. Gambling is illegal in the United Arab Emirates and in order to access an online casino, Dubai residents need to get creative. Most sites are banned outright on the UAW telecom network, but it is possible to bypass the local telecom and access real cash casinos.

Many online roulette sites will provide access to Dubai residents if you are able to connect through using a web proxy server, a virtual private network, or a remote desktop to a computer outside of the UAE.

How can a Dubai resident find the best online gambling sites to play online roulette? We put together this easy reference guide so that anyone in the UAE can find the best and most trusted sites for online roulette. As for our ratings, we currently have Intercasino listed as the top site that accepts players from the UAE, but there are others. Dubai citizens don't have to go searching the web to find legitimate sites, because we've done the hard work of finding the best sites for you.

Find top online roulette for Dubai players:

    These are the best legitimate sites to play roulette online
    Our list of Dubai online roulette sites has the widest range of games
    Accessible from mobile devices and smart phones
    Great deposit bonuses on offer with most gaming sites

About Online Gambling in Dubai

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Dubai falls under a number of laws against gambling in the UAE, but the way these laws are enforced differs significantly from what is on the books. The UAE has established a Telecommunications Regulatory Authority with the responsibility of producing the country's Internet Access Management Policies.

These policies are meant to protect against and block sites having to do with offensive materials, including pornography, content related to criminal skills and drugs, terrorism content, and more. Gambling also falls under the �offensive� list, but our research has showed that the UAE does not actually block any online gambling. Dubai residents have access to any sites or apps they wish to visit.

Enjoy Playing at Licensed & Trusted Sites

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We believe that online gambling is only as good as the particular casino. Dubai residents need to make sure that they access only the best and most trustworthy sites, which is why we advocate for licensed online casinos and roulette sites.

Any site that you find on our list of the best places to play online roulette, whether it is a website or app, will be backed by a legitimate and proper license from recognized gaming jurisdictions. There are a lot of scams out there, so make sure you choose wisely and stick to the sites on our recommendations list.

A Great Variety of Games Availiable

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Our top online roulette casinos offer the most extensive choices for different kinds of roulette. Not only will you find classic European and American games, but branded options and premier choices with the best bonuses around.

These games are created by the top players in roulette design, who are always pushing the envelope towards more creative and imaginative ways to play, including live dealer and mobile options as well. You won�t find only boring standards at these sites!

Find the Best Sites for Dubai Online Roulette Players

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We want you to be successful at playing online roulette, which is why we picked out the best choices for any casino online.

Dubai residents need look no farther than our top rated sites, which have the best game selection, the most up to date security and the best customer service around. Sign up at one of these trusted sites today and start winning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Online Roulette for Dubai Players Legal? 

Online gambling is considered illegal in the United Arab Emirates, as determined by the country's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority blocks certain sites that are deemed inappropriate or criminal.

However, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has not actually blocked online gambling sites from Dubai residents. It is easy to sign up for and start playing at an online roulette casino by using a web proxy server, a virtual private network, or a remote desktop to a computer outside of the UAE.

Can I Make Real Money Deposits at Dubai Sites? 

Yes, making real money deposits is easy through your debit card, prepaid card, virtual bank account deposits or e-wallets such as Paypal.

Can I Enjoy Roulette for Play Money 

Of course! Even on strictly real money sites, you can find demos and practice games that can be enjoyed with no deposit required. This is a great way to build up your skills before playing for cash, or just to have fun!

What Bonuses Can I Get? 

If you play at a real money site, you are eligible for welcome bonuses as soon as your first deposit goes through. Most legit sites offer welcome bonuses as a way to attract new players and keep them coming back. After the welcome bonus, you can be eligible for casino-specific bonuses the more you play.