India Roulette

While online gambling in India is a much-debated sport that's legal in some locations and illegal in others, it's clear that Indians really enjoy gambling. The overall gambling market in India amounts to about RS. 3 lakh crore each year. That's a sizeable amount that should stand out to anyone. Roulette is a fun pastime that's really caught on by fans of online gambling in India. Online Roulette helps sort out the good games from the bad and offer gamblers the best options to get them started.

We list and review all of the top sites for online roulette, and as our current favorite, there are few sites that compare to Intercasino. The site scores among the best in almost every category.

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Convenient Online Gambling

India Roulette

Anyone that's visited one of the several Goa casinos knows how good gambling in person can be in India. The lavish casinos are entertaining to visit and offer a massive selection of games to choose from. Unfortunately visiting takes time and effort, something that playing online does not. Online roulette websites offer quality gaming from the comfort. The casinos are simple to navigate and make it easy to place a wager in just a few minutes of signing up.

Plenty of Gaming Options

India Roulette

Prepare to unlock access to a massive number of casino games that all accept the rupee as a form of payment. These India-friendly casinos make it quick and easy to sign up, and they offer a huge selection of roulette games to try out. Some of the games display live roulette and others are some of the best animated roulette experiences available today. Whether you enjoy animated roulette, or a live feed webcam version while playing the game, both are available through reviews sites on Online Roulette.

Trustworthy Gambling Sites

India Roulette

When real rupees are on the line with the roulette games you play, finding a trustworthy option is very important. That's exactly what you will get when working with Roulette Online. The sites are carefully selected and rated based partially on whether they can be trusted or not. Only trustworthy casinos receive a recommendation and that means that they can be used without fear. Quality casinos are verified by regular checks and certifications by third party organizations. That's exactly what is relied upon to choose the good from the bad when trying to make a decision.

A Variety of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

India Roulette

No matter if you want to use a prepaid card, a credit card, a bank account or some other form of deposit and withdrawal method it's likely that you'll find a way to make it happen when playing at one of the many online roulette casino options. They accept a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods and can be counted on to offer a way to get money in and out. Many even accept the Bitcoin as a safe form of currency that can be used to play at the casinos.

Find the Best Sites

India Roulette

There's nothing worse than spending hours searching for the best roulette sites around the Internet only to find poor Indian sites that don't even accept the rupee or offer a fair playing environment. These websites aren't worth all that time and effort and it can be frustrating to search for the best options. That's why they're already singled out for you here. You simply have to visit one of the already approved sites and give it a try. Within a few minutes it's easy to locate a quality casino that you enjoy playing at. Even if the first one isn't what you're looking for, the next few recommendations are likely to be just the right option.

Play on Mobile Devices

India Roulette

It doesn't matter if you wish to play on a full-sized computer or a mobile device. There are many India-friendly casinos that allow players to gamble with rupees right from their mobile devices. These casinos accept Android and iOS devices regularly and support a range of other mobile phone providers as well. Many are designed to run right in a web browser, making them even more accessible to the general population. Getting started with gambling has never been easier or more convenient.

When you're looking for high-quality roulette websites to play at, it's simple to find good options when using the site. Indian players can comfortably play at casinos using the rupee to deposit and withdraw money. They take a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods and are simple to work with. Simply look around at the highly rated options and test them out until you find one that you enjoy playing. All this makes gambling a whole lot easier and more convenient than travelling out to Goa to play at a casino in person.


Is online roulette legal in India? 

Gambling throughout India is legal, but to an extent. It is strictly regulated to ensure that only the specific games and casinos can provide only certain categories of gambling. For instance, lotteries and horse racing are both legal throughout the country, while table games and card related games are not allowed.

Respective states throughout the country tolerate gambling within a casino, but those are on a state by state basis.

Can I play for real money? 

There are currently three online places that have their licenses to operate throughout the country. As more people become familiar with this type of gambling, it is expected to rise with time and provide a lucrative business and taxation plan for the country.

What is the required age to play? 

While every country sets their standards differently, India allows 16 years olds to sometimes gamble throughout their online casinos. However, this is through a site by site basis. Many still set their standards at 18 years or older, much like other parts of the world.

Do I need to pay tax on my winnings? 

Claiming taxes all depends on the country you reside in. India does require the players of an online website that is licensed to pay taxes on the earnings that they have received for that tax period. If you’re playing from another country, you may or may not have to pay taxes depending on the specific gambling rules for that country.

Is gambling regulated in India? 

Gambling is regulated throughout India. Only those casinos both on site and online have to have a license in order to operate legally. Without the license, the casino is not able to provide the earnings to those players and will ultimately be shut down due to insufficiency.

Can I trust online roulette sites? 

While, in the past other websites have found to be insecure and dangerous for many to play at, prides themselves at providing a safe, secure playing experience for all of their players. Through the use of these websites, the players are then able to deposit, withdraw and play all through one website.

Is it safe? 

Gambling through is safe currently. They provide high end encryption to ensure that all of the information placed within their website is as secure as possible. However, in order to find out if the website you’re playing at is safe, it is always ideal to search for the encryption marker that states this.