Roulette Etiquette Guide

Playing roulette online in 2023 is easy: just fire up the PC, log on to your gambling account, deposit a few bucks or Euros, then open up a real-money roulette table and start placing bets.

If you make a mistake, or place a bet too late, the casino client will tell you where you've gone wrong. However, in a live casino, it's good to know the rules before you start playing so you won't be told off by the croupier.

Good etiquette at the roulette tables in a land casino makes the game run smoother, and makes it more enjoyable for both you and the players around you. Here's a top 5 of what to do - and what NOT to do - the next time you're visiting your local gambling joint.

Cashing In / Cashing Out

Roulette cash out

So, you've picked a roulette table you want to play at, you've found a seat or spot to stand; now, how do you get your chips?

If the dealer is busy spinning the wheel or paying out winnings when you arrive, you'll need to attract his or her attention.

Whatever you do, don't whip out a wad of notes and fling them across the roulette table. All you will get in return are steely glances. Instead, place the notes in front of you at the table and make eye contact with the dealer, or, if you are standing close to him, motion the cash towards him so he knows you want to play. He will then count the cash out for you can declare how much he is changing up.

When you receive your chips you'll notice that you get an exclusive colour to play with. It's easy to see why: it keeps the players' chips separate so you know exactly what you've won and makes it easier for the dealer to give you your winnings.

However, roulette chips are for the roulette table ONLY and can't be used on a different game. So, before you leave, get the dealer's attention and ask for your coloured chips to be exchanged for generic casino cash chips. Then you're free to get up and cash them in at the cashier's desk or go play a different game.

Always Be Polite

Polite betting manners

You've dressed up, you've got the babysitter booked, you're driving 50 miles to get to a top land-based casino; now you've made the effort to actually get there, bring your best charm offensive with you.

Being polite at the table - both to the dealer and your fellow gamblers - is the first step towards a happy roulette experience. Remember, roulette isn't one-on-one; it's lots of you fighting for your bet on that big communal table, every one of you trying to bring down the house.

So don't shoulder barge other players out of the way - even if the dealer is about to call 'no more bets' - and ask the dealer politely to place bets for you if you can't reach a certain number. And one more thing - never shove other players' chips out of the way - everyone has their own stack and there is always plenty of room to place bets.

Placing Your Bets

Roulette table and chips

A good dealer always allows enough time for players to put down their bets. Obviously, the casino wants as much money on the table as possible!

When it comes to the betting phase, place your chips clearly on the spots you want to bet on to ensure there is no confusion. Remember, placing a chip on the line between numbers is a bet in itself so make sure the chips are in the right place as the dealer is watching a million things at once, and if you make a mistake, it's YOUR mistake.

If the dealer spots a chip is placed in a haphazard fashion he may ask you if it's in the right place. Be sure to set him straight or - if your chosen number is too far to reach - ask him to place the chips for you. A 'neighboring bet' racetrack will normally be next to the dealer -

The players can continue to place their bets until the dealer announces, “No more bets”, just as the wheel is slowing down. When the croupier calls it and sweeps his hands across the table, LISTEN to him and don't place a last-minute bet - it may well be forfeited, and you'll look pretty silly.

Don't Mess With Dolly

Roulette glass dolly

A good dealer always allows enough time for players to put down their bets. Obviously, the casino wants as much money on the table as possible!

When the wheel comes to a stop, all the losing chips are cleared away by the dealer and a plastic 'dolly' placed on top of the winning chips.

Once all the losing bets are cleared off the dealer can then distribute the winning bets. While the dealer is doing this, don't get ahead of yourself and attempt to pull off those chips - or the dolly itself. All it will do is disrupt the dealer's flow and get you kicked off the table.

Remember to Tip!

Thank you

Dealers are notoriously badly paid in land-based casinos, and therefore rely on players' tips when they're playing.

If you've had a good run and are leaving the table, or hit a nice 35/1 number, don't forget to toss a chip or three towards the dealer, giving him or her a 'thank you' to indicate it's a tip and not another bet!